Tuesday, June 4

happy birthday grandma

Today is a special day. Today my grandmother turns 74 years young. If you know her, you are already aware of how great of a woman she is, but if you don't know her, your missing out. I know most every one thinks their grandma is pretty awesome, and the same is true for our family. But, I do think my grandmother is one of the single greatest people I will ever know.

I have learned more from her than I even realize. Besides from her incredible cooking abilities, she has such a pure heart. My grandma Janice is the most caring, generous, kind and loving person. Her selflessness is truly incredible and she has left a legacy which not many can compete with. Of all the gifts and joys she has brought to my life, one of the greatest gifts she will ever give is the gift of family. The way she cares and provides for her family is truly an act of love. She has taught us to cherish one another-- that at the end of the day, family is of the utmost importance. I was so fortunate to grow up with not just siblings but cousins, aunts and uncles surrounding my life. And this is all because of my grandmothers openness and willingness to create a space for us to grow together.

This past weekend, I was yet again reminded of just all she has brought to my life. We celebrated the baptism and arrival of the newest member of our family. My cousins' sweet baby girl is two months old and this past Sunday she was baptized at my home church and we celebrated with a Sip & See for extended family to come meet this new bundle of joy. As I sat in church, I looked at the three pews which we tightly filled up. We were all there. Not because we were required, but because we wanted to be there. We wanted to share in this day with our family because that is what we do for each other. We share in life together. We share in the joys and the celebrations and we sit beside each other in the hard times too. It was instilled in us, how important family is, by my grandmother. And now as adults, we still make time to be together.

I left this weekend with my heart so full. I love seeing those faces and spending time with them. I'm so thankful for my Grandmother and all she has taught me over the years. But I am most thankful for giving me a love for family.

So, Happy Birthday Grandma Janice. You are special to so many people. Thank you for being such an inspiration. You are so loved.

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