Tuesday, June 25

my dream home

We met with our realtor for the first time yesterday. Eek!! So excited! I am so thrilled to finally be dipping our toes in this process. I am just so ready to be in one place for longer than a year. We have done a lot of moving since college and the thought of settling a bit into one place is so refreshing. I am pretty sure I spend most of my extra time, looking and dreaming about our first home.

Just like anything else, we have heard all kinds of stories about home buying. Everyone loves to share their war stories...some good, some not so good. Yet, I am confident that we will find the home right for us. I know it will not be perfect and it won't have everything we want. But it will be our first home together and that is what is so exciting. All this talk about what we're looking for in a house has definitely had me dreaming. And if I was able to put together my dream home, I think it would look a little something like this.

It would have a big master bedroom with lots of natural light, a big comfy bed and big closets.


The kitchen would be the biggest room in the house because it is definitely where we spend a good majority of time. It would have white cabinets and beautiful appliances. Basically, just a lot of white. I'm leaning more toward the modern farmhouse look.

There would be a room or at least a nook dedicated to blogging and crafting. I cannot wait until I have space to keep my sewing machine out all the time. I want some place that can allow creativity to just flow.

It would definitely have a claw foot tub in one of the bathrooms, and it would be two stories with an open staircase.

The living room would be a welcoming and comfortable place. And I would love to have a wall dedicated to books. Again, lots of natural light and lots of white. (Although, I know white furniture is not really realistic for red wine lovers, dogs and future little ones.)

Oh, and it would have a big farmhouse table, which will be made by my hubs, where we can have family dinners and do lots of entertaining.


Lastly, I need to have a porch. Preferably a wrap around porch, but I'll really take anything. I want rocking chairs and a swing so we can sit out there in the evenings and enjoy being outside. And since this is my dream, I would have both of our families and our friends as neighbors. A girl can dream, right?!?



We might not get these things in a home, but that's ok. I am just excited for this new journey and for all that it will bring to our life.

**All images are curiosity of Pinterest.

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Amber said...

So I am taking the risk of sounding like a stalker by commenting on two posts in a day but, we are also buying a house. We are waiting for a closing date now!