Tuesday, July 24

lately, again

Apparently, I went completely MIA for about two weeks. Sorry about that...but I can show you what I've been up to.


1. My new DIY studio (aka my garage)
2. Road trip to the future in laws
3. Date night with the future hubs
4. Our new (to us) kitchen table
5. Back to Illinois
6. Got to hang out with this week girl for 5 days
7. I did this. Yep. Pretty proud of myself. 
8. Baby cow at the fair
9. Draft horse heaven
10. Draft horse heave part two
11. Gentle giant

The past two weeks have been packed full of events and it seemed to just fly by! With the wedding quickly approaching, I am finding that the days are slipping away so quickly, hence my lack of blog posts. I am also finding that the busier I am becoming the less my thoughts are flowing which also contributes to the lack of blog material. Hopefully I can conjure up a few more posts before the big day.

But I did manage to take sometime and venture back home to Illinois to the good ole' county fair. If you don't already know, it's probably my favorite time of the year, read this. This year I was reminded so much of how many good people there really are in our world. So often we're bombarded with bad news, but being back in the small town, county life style, life was slower and gentler. It was good to be in an environment where people have such passion for things such as family, 4-H, agriculture and a lot of the basic foundations of what our lives are built on. I think that's while my heart often aches for the simplicity of small town life. There is a certain type of wholeness and goodness that exists there. I'm so thankful I got to experience it again this year.

Tuesday, July 10


The past five days seem like such a blur. So much has happened and it seems like I just blinked and it was all over. I traveled north to my future in-laws for the weekend. I enjoyed Friday's blazing 100 degree heat in pool, finally getting some sun kissed skin. Jake's family from the east coast had traveled in for the weekend and it was great to spend some quality time with them.

Saturday everyone else rolled in to celebrate at my second bridal shower. Our family and friends really outdo themselves, I tell you. The women in Jake's family put so much energy and time into the details of this day and nothing went unnoticed. It was such a tremendous celebration. I feel so honored that they all care so much for Jake and I that they would throw such a wonderful shower.

just a few of the details

 On top of it all, my mom was there to celebrate the day with us and I am so glad that she was able to come and enjoy. Jake and I are truly so blessed by the people in our lives and there aren't enough words to express how wonderful they are. I am so thankful that God has put, not only Jake, but his family in my life. It's such a treasure to be surrounded by them.

Thank you all for feeding my spirit with such a beautiful weekend celebration.

Wednesday, July 4

Happy July 2nd

Yes, according to everyone else it is the great summer holiday, Independence Day. For me, I am only considering it to be July 2nd. Why you ask?!?

Well, because I spent this glorious holiday in my office...working. Albeit, I volunteered to work today, but it doesn't make me any less envious of everyone else enjoying being poolside, eating yummy grilled food, and catching candy at the parade. Yet, since I worked today, I get to have Friday off, which is when I have declared my July 4th celebration to take place. So while everyone is back in their offices, I'll be poolside posting pictures to Facebook of my floating raft in the pool and my awesome umbrella drink. (And no, I'm not bitter)

Anyway, today is great day regardless of whether your working, serving, or enjoying. It's our yearly reminder that what we have in our county didn't come without a fight. We had to declare our independence and create something completely new. I am a big history buff and, as uncool as it is, historic events such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence, make me excited. A couple years ago, I visited Independence Hall. I just stood in awe thinking of the events that had taken place in that very building. Thinking of those incredible movers and shakers who would discuss their ideas and make plans.

The first time I went to Washington D.C., I was enamored by the history and overwhelmed with the magnitude of what events take place in that city. It opened my eyes and made history so much more real. Then about six year later, I went to Egypt. It was during my time in Cairo, that I came to realize just how valuable our freedom is to us. It was such a different world in Egypt, especially as women. we were treated in such a way that I have never been more thankful to be an American.

And as I am just 59 days away from having the same last name as one of the coolest people in history, not that I'm biased or anything, it is such a sweet reminder today make sure we say thank you and pray for our country.

Happy July 2...err...4th!