Wednesday, May 30

dear today

dear today,

you have not been my most favorite in awhile. i can't seem to shake this slump from today. frankly, i don't like it one bit, even though i realize that a lot of it has to do with my attitude. so, maybe i do kind of like being in a slump. maybe i am allowing myself to sulk. is that ok? can i do that for just today?

sometimes we have to make hard decisions. today was one of those days. although i know the outcome will be better than what i had originally intended, i am finding myself a little bit down. so maybe if it's alright with you, today, i am going to be in a slump and then tomorrow i will perk back up and be my normal self.

is that ok with you? i sure hope so.



Friday, May 25

high five for friday

Oh Friday, I have been waiting for you since Monday. With the anticipation of a three day weekend on the brink, I have found myself struggling to stay focused and motivated this week. However, it has been a good week none the less. So I'm linking up again today with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for this weeks High Five for Friday...

So here they are, my top five for this week:

1. Today marks the official hitting of the double digits! That's right...only 99 more days until I become a mrs. I can't believe it is going so fast. But I will say that I'm ready to marry my sweet fiance, and I think he is ready too. Also, we are now under the one month mark for my brothers wedding! So much fun ahead!

2. Last weekend, we celebrated Kayli's bachelorette weekend. It was such a great weekend filled with some of my favorite ladies, just being girls. I love celebrating these moments of life with good friends. Thanks girls and to Louisville for being so good to us!

3. I made it to the gym three times this week. That's a record that hasn't been broken in a long time. It feels good to be back in the gym more often and feeling those good sore muscles. It's the little thing in life, right?!? Well, this is something I've really been lacking and so it's been a nice change.

4. Spotify. Ok, I realize I'm a little late coming to this party. But, is awesome! I love that you can listen to full albums of music without having to pay a cent for it. I love being able to listen to new music and it has definitely been what is helping me through the work days. If you haven't started using it yet and you sit at a desk basically all day, like me, you should definitely get it on your desk top.

5. This weekend. Three day weekend. Pool side. 90 degree weather. Fiance. Grilling. Need I say more?

I hope you all have a blessed Memorial Day weekend. Regardless of where you find yourself, be sure to take some time for the small moments this weekend. Remember to be thankful and celebrate all we have.

And don't forget to wear sunscreen.


Tuesday, May 22

Have you heard of this?


Have you heard of it? Neither had I. But I went to my first Piloxing class last night and woah. It's a new work out craze (apparently in L.A.) that combines Pilate's and boxing. It kicked my butt. I worked muscles that I haven't used in years and I was dripping in sweat when I left.

It's such a unique combination of boxing moves and position holds but every now and then it throws in a few ballet positions. I took a ballet class in college and loved it! I also learned how ballerinas are in such awesome shape. It take incredible strength. So to do some ballet in this intense workout was such a nice surprise.

However, I think my favorite thing about the whole experience was how I felt Piloxing represented women. Not that men can't join, but it's definitely created for females. It combines butt kicking boxing that makes you sweat like crazy, along with Pilate's, strength poses, and also the elegance and grace of ballet. Much like women.

As a woman, I believe that we are capable of so much and yet, myself included, we often don't reach down and tap into the abilities that we have. Much like this workout, women can kick butt, women are strong and women are graceful. And when you combine those three together, you get one powerhouse of a workout but also you get a powerhouse woman.

I think one of the greatest tragedies of our world today is the lack of mentoring and uplifting that women can bring to one another. So often are we competing and comparing against one another. Just imagine for a moment if we put all that aside and worked together. Think of the resource that we can be, if we just worked together. As a 20-something, I desire a strong, powerful and graceful women, outside of my family, to take me by the side and say, "Yeah, I've been there...let me walk with you while you're there now." Think of the teaching that could occur and the lessons that we can share with each other.

Now we all have our mistakes to make. There is no replacing trial and error, but if we had someone by our side who has been through a similar life journey that we could discuss, digest and help shape how we look and think about it. Just think of how differently the end results may be. Instead of having a situation that crushes us, it could become a situation that helps make us. Just imagine, will you.

One of my great hopes in this life is that I have the opportunity to be that mentor for someone. To see where they are and say, "Yeah, I've been there and I made it to the other side and you will too." To share from the mistakes that I have made and the many, many more that I will make.

And as a 20-something, I am also so grateful that I am surrounded by lots of powerful, strong, graceful women whom I can call my friends. That we can share in life together and the realness of what it is.

Who knew Piloxing could evoke such thoughts. I just wanted a good workout.

Group shot from this weekends festivities.

Thursday, May 17


I just love peonies and these beauties are growing in my backyard! I have two vases full of them and they make my house smell incredible. I think they're just gorgeous.

And I can't believe it's Thursday. This week has absolutely just flown by. I'm not complaining though. I have a much awaited weekend planned. We'll be celebrating my soon to be sister-in-law's bachelorette weekend. It'll be a great friend filled weekend.

Plus this week I got to see my momma! It was a delayed mother's day for us. Although we didn't get to celebrate with the boys, we got to spend the day together which always includes shopping and food. We've been in search of the perfect mother of the groom (and bride) dress for her. I think this may be the hardest dress to find. They need to be the right balance between personality and femininity. The search is still on.

And remember that super secret mother's day gift I told you about? Well, I finished it and gave it to mom when I saw her.

Thanks to my mom's pre-purchased fabric, she finally got her apron. It ended up looking pretty good, which is nice because my sewing skills haven't been fine-tuned in a few years. It was a great feeling to see the project from one pieces of fabric to a completed project. I remember why I enjoyed sewing so much, minus the two or three stitches I ripped out. I plan to make one for myself, as well, sometime in the future. I'd be overly optimistic to say that it'll happen before September though.

My mom taught me how to sew. She and I used to spend many hours in the summer working on sewing projects. I can't say that I loved it when I spend my days inside cutting, pinning and sewing. However, I will say that I am really thankful that my mom made me do it. I guess she knew that it was for my own good. Much to my surprise, I am realizing more and more these days how much my mom did for me that I may not have appreciated at the time, but I sure am glad she did. Turns out, she's been right all along. I'm very thankful for a mother who has had the patience to handle a strong-willed child and who allowed me to be who I am. So, thanks mom for being such a great mom.

Friday, May 11

High Five for Friday

Today I am linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk. I always love reading her High Five for Friday posts so I thought that this week I would join in the fun!
My top 5 from this week:

1. I finally managed to make it to the local dog park to get a membership for Winnie. We went for the first time yesterday and she loved it! She finally has a place where she can run around and socialize with other dogs. Plus, it's only about a mile from the house! I'm thinkin' we'll be spending a lot of time there in the days to come.

2. Our wedding invitations arrived on Thursday! It makes it so much more real when you actually see it in writing. 112 more days!

3. I have been working on my super secret Mother's Day surprise. Hopefully I manage to get it done before I see my mom this weekend. (PS- don't tell my mom, it's a surprise).

4. I got to spend some much needed time with a dear friend and her so sweet baby boy. Regardless of how long its been since we've seen each other, we can always pick up right where we left off and it's like we were never apart.

5. Have you been outside today? Gorgeous. I am so thankful for this beautiful weather. I even got a little bit of color on my pale Indiana skin this week. 

I am also very excited for what this weekend holds. I'm staying home and can't wait to spend some time there and to get a few projected completed!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 8

tuesday tid bit

Who ever said that honestly was the best medicine, probably really liked to take medicine. Or...maybe they didn't have a lot of honest conversations. Regardless of whether or not its good for you doesn't always mean that it tastes good going down (kind of like that cough medicine you took when you were sick).

Let's be honest (no pun intended), but having to be honest can be really tough. Telling people the truth about your situation, about how you're really feeling or whether or not you like their outfit is tough.Yet with honesty, there comes freedom. Freedom from the tangled mess that can come with telling even just a little white lie. I like it when people tell me the truth, at least if I ask for it. So I should give them the respect of being truthful with them.

On a side note...I'm wearing new shoes today.

Tuesday, May 1

hello may

Welcome to the month of May. Today is a big day. My big brother turns 27 and finished up his second year of med school. Yay! My future mother in law also has a birthday today. I will be a Mrs. in exactly four months and it's May Day.

Whew. That's a lot of goodness for one day.

In my mind, May also begins a new season, not spring, but wedding season! It is officially upon us, my friends. Pretty soon our weekends will be filled with showers, parties and weddings of friends and family. Now, if you're like me, I love weddings. Love them! But if you don't like weddings then you probably dread this season. From my personal experience, I know one of the most challenging parts of going to a wedding (other than what to wear), is what to get the happy couple for a gift. Ugh, so many options, so many ideas and if you're like me, I'm not satisfied until I find the perfect present; one that represents the couple and how I know them and something that I know they will actually use.

Well thankfully awhile back someone got smart and created the idea of gift registry! Genius, right?!? You can just get couples something that they pick out and you know they'll love. It's the perfect solution to the wedding gift problem. Now, as a soon-to-be bride myself, I truly loved every minute of selecting items for our registry, but I soon became overwhelmed with the amount of options and trying to figure what I wanted my kitchen to look like for the next 10 years. But I used this handy-dandy guide from my dear friend about where to register before I set foot into a store.

Now, I'm going to share a little secret with you. There is this new way of registering. I compare it to Pinterest, but for gift registries. It's called Your guests can shop for everything you want from one list, and the bride and groom can select items from any website. Period. So smart!

Here are a few of my favorite items from our selections:

 Bedding from West Elm
Pillows from West Elm

Too cute Mr. & Mrs. coffee mugs from Etsy
Kate Spade fine china
You can even add man gifts
Now who doesn't love that! Couples are no longer confide to declaring their style and home selection to items within four walls. I will warn you though, just like Pinterest it can become awfully easy to just click the little "Add to Registry" buttonm, so be sure to watch yourself (or have your fiance check up on it). Now, we also registered at two store locations, but I have loved being able to add odds and ends items to this list. I think it represents our personalities the best and these items will be a great addition to helping us make our new home.

If you know a bride-to-be, let her in on the secret or store it in your memory for later. Somethings are just too good to keep to yourself.

Happy May Day!