Monday, December 16

Christmas Gifts for Her under $50

Christmas is coming so very soon! I don't know about you guys, but we basically started our shopping this weekend. And I tell you-- sometimes shopping for other can be tough, so here are a few of my favorites Christmas Gifts for Her under $50 (and yes these items are on my list, too!).

Christmas Gifts for Her under $50

1. Piko Top - Seriously, love love love these tops! I actually have two of them
and they're just so comfortable. Get her more than one-- she'll love you forever.

2. State Cutting Board - You can never have too many 
cutting boards. add this one to her collection.

3. His & Her Mugs - this works for both him and her and you can never 
have too many coffee mugs. plus, these are just adorable.

4. Alarm Clock - Every girl needs one, or two-- 
and I just love the vintage charm of this one. 

5. Ipsy Glam Bag - this is the gift that keeps on giving. 
just $10 a month for some seriously awesome beauty products.

Happy Shopping and stay tuned for Gift for Him under $50 coming soon!

Monday, December 9

a monday update and an awesome Christmas giveaway

To be honest, my little blog has really taken a hit recently. I've been busy with other activities and really haven't give much attention to this space. Partly because I feel like I don't have a whole lot say and partly because I'm just busy. So I haven't been making as much time to focus energy on my blog. And I think that's ok, too. I don't want to post something just so I have something posted. My intent when I started blogging was to share my life, ideas, projects-- that sort of things. After a few posts that were there just to be content, I decided that I didn't want to do that. I didn't want to put something up that didn't have any heart to it, so that is partially the reason (at least I feel) the blog has been left out recently. Maybe it's because my creativity and energy is being used up in other places or maybe it's just a season of life where I don't have all that much to say, which is pretty hard to imagine but it's true. But regardless, here is a little update on what all I've been up recently.

A trip to Illinois to visit with my family and to celebrate my dad's birthday! 

where we played one of my most favorite games-- salad bowl (if you want to know how to play, just ask)


Each year for Thanksgiving my grandma comes up with a new craft. This year's craft was awesome. 
We made these adorable trees. The wood is from my grandpa's old barn and, if you know me I'm a huge suckers for family heirlooms and antique things. I loooove it! It was quite the project though-- 
power tools and all!

Then I started painting the guest bathroom and realized the color was awful. Ok, awful is a strong word. It was a pretty color, but way to bold for the walls in our house. Now we have three gallons of this color of paint. First time homeowner fail. If you are interested in it, please let me know.

We've been indulging in lots of s'mores by the fireplace and hot coco, too.

Also, I decked the house for Christmas. 
Another craft added the list was this burlap bow tree topper.

Then there are the two trips to Ikea-- obviously happy and successful ones.

And of course, there is spending time with these two, which is my favorite. 
(sorry for the poor quality-- blame the iPhone)

So now you're up to date.

Oh, and here is an awesome giveaway for your Monday. 
Wonderful ladies and awesome giveaways put together by this fabulous lady
Don't leave here without checking it out!

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Thursday, December 5

marriage is like a house

This is a post that I wrote for this fabulous lady's blog a while back. Just in case you missed it then, I wanted to be sure you got a chance to read it now.

I've spent the past two weeks at the new house painting, cleaning and praying over all that will take place in it. I cannot wait to make this house our home-- to share it with my best friend and for all the memories to be made there. If you've ever spent time painting, then you know that it requires a lot of time. During those hours spent painting, I have had some extra time to think and daydream. Moving from room to room quickly had me noticing the similarities between a house and a marriage. Building a house takes time, planning and quality construction and so does a good marriage.

You have to first start with a solid foundation. If your house isn't built on a secure, dependable base then the rest of it will be affected. Marriage is no different. Building a strong relationship starts with knowing who you are and what you believe in. For us, our marriage foundation is centered around our faith. Without the assurance that we have a God that is in control and who loves us more than we are capable of understanding, then we would be walking constantly on shaky ground. Although there are many things that make my husband and I different, we can always go back to our common foundation in Christ. It is what holds us up when winds of challenge and the world rains down on us.

Next, you have to frame the house and build the walls. This is what makes each house different from one another; they each have their own unique design. The walls of marriage are made up of your values and dreams. These, too, are what make your marriage different from any other. Your values create each room, filling it with what you want out of life. Updating, cleaning, and daily attention is important to keeping the space you live in enjoyable and welcoming. For a husband and wife, this is also true. Spending time together, paying attention to each others needs and enjoying life together is what makes coming home all worth it.

Lastly, you have the roof. The roof of marriage is the love you share. Without a roof, a house isn't livable and it's expensive to replace! Without love, a marriage isn't livable either. And I'm not referring to the butterflies in your stomach and warm fuzzies kind of love. I'm talking about real, unconditional, servant-hearted love. One that will protect all that is inside. Love does that. Real love keeps us safe. We don't have to worry about all that is inside the house because at the end of the day, the roof keeps us protected. And love covers us, too.

These elements are what make up a strong and sturdy marriage. Just like a house! But the most fun comes when you can decorate it and make it all your own. You can fill your marriage by making memories, going on dates, having a family and sharing in life together. It's what makes it the most beautiful place to be and what makes a house a home.

And there is no place like home.

Tuesday, December 3

Christmas bucket list

Well it is already December 3rd, which I just can't believe. Whenever the Christmas season comes around, I always want to do so many things to soak up the season. With such a short season this year, it is even more important for me to take advantage of the days we have so that I don't feel cheated out of the the season. So here is my Christmas Bucket List for this year!

What is on your Christmas bucket list this year?