Thursday, August 23

single digits

If a man does not exercise his arm, he develops no bicep muscles, and if a man does not exercise his soul, he acquires no muscle in his soul...nor beauty of spiritual growth. Love is not a thing of enthusiastic emotion. It is a rich, strong, manly, vigorous express of the whole round Christian character-- the Christ --like nature in its fullest development.
~ Henry Drummond

today marks the first day of single digits. In just 9 days, I will pass off my old self and become joined with my love as husband and wife. It's a surreal thought but one of great anticipation. Even though I've failed at blogging recently, today I am officially stating that I will not be posting for the next two and a half weeks.

so the next time we meet, I will be a mrs.

ps - I want to give a quick shout out to sweet baby Olly who came into the world this week. congrats to one of my dearest friend, kristyn, you will be a beautiful momma.

Friday, August 17


That is the word that I would use to describe myself these days. Overwhelmed with last minute details. Overwhelmed with packing and moving. Overwhelmed with decisions. But the best is being overwhelmed with blessings. As there is so much going on these days, the one thing that helps me stay grounded  is the unbelievable love and joy that I am experiencing.

Saturday was my final bridal shower -- a bridal tea actually. My grandmother, mother, aunts, cousins and bridesmaids worked so hard to put on such a wonderful day. We enjoyed tasty tea, with tea pots and tea cups, delicious treats and mini desserts, and lots of laughs and smiles. The day left me tired but so overwhelmed with love that I almost couldn't take it all in.

Sunday was spent again with my mom, aunt and cousin, making the wedding flowers. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when we started but they turned out gorgeous. I am so thrilled. We quickly celebrated my baby brothers 17th birthday and then I headed back to Indiana.

The drive home I just basked in just how truly blessed I am. The people that I have in my life are truly some of the most generous and loving people I know. I can't imagine life any other way and I am so thankful for each and everyone of them. To see people come together is what life is about, to celebrate in one another.

The wedding is almost here and I'm sure it'll be nothing short of overwhelming these last two weeks but it's the people that make each step worth it.

Wednesday, August 8

life update

Well, it's official. I am really failing at blogging right now. I apologize and I feel like my brain is in a million different places but one of them is not my blog. So, please forgive me. Between work, wedding and moving (oh, did I mention we're moving?), I barely have enough memory left to remember where I put my keys.

As if we weren't busy enough, we've decided to add moving to the list of to do's before the big day. We're staying in the same town but we're getting a new home. A townhouse; that will be both of ours together. It's strange, but awesome, to have both of our names on the lease. I am thoroughly excited about living in a townhouse with two stories and two bathrooms! There is a lot of counter space and storage. The best part...there is a dishwasher. No more scrubbing dishes. Thank goodness.

I am so excited to be able to come to our home after the honeymoon and, as my mom calls it, play house. I am really looking forward to the next season of life that will begin in our new townhouse.

Just 24 more days.

Wednesday, August 1

one month

dear future mr,

one month from now, i will be your mrs. can you even believe it, because i can't. i can't believe that its already been almost ten months, let alone the two years we've been together. time goes so fast. i'm excited for all the first that will come in the next year. our first address together, our first vacation, our first christmas as a married couple, our first joint bank account. so many firsts to be had. as excited as i am about all those firsts, i'm more excited about the everyday. coming home to you everyday, sharing your last name with you everyday, cooking for you (almost) everyday, waking up to you everyday. i'm ready to share in every day with you. the good ones and the bad ones too, although i may not feel that way in the moment. because when it comes down to it, there isn't anyone else that i want by my side on a bad day. you know how to make me smile, even when i don't want to. you make me laugh harder than anyone else. you make me feel like i can overcome the world. your are exactly the person that i need to be with me to get through every day. and that is exactly why i believe that God has brought us together. not for all the big moments, but to love each other through the everyday moments. to share together in the little joys of life. yes, there will be many big moments, too, but not as often as the other. life for the past six months has really been, well, crazy and its not going to slow down just yet. but when it does, i am excited that you will still be there each and every day.