Wednesday, June 12


Not much beyond the ordinary has been going on around these parts, except for these major storm predictions for tonight. Summer has officially arrived here and I am definitely enjoying it. On my days off, I have been spending a majority of my days here--


 Our apartment complex has a pretty great pool, which I have been taking full advantage of. I am bound and determined to have a darker tan than the hubs this year. Who am I kidding-- that won't happen but it's a nice thought. Also, when we were poolside this weekend, the ducks decided that they wanted to hang out too. So they had themselves a nice little dip in the pool. They seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

And when we haven't been poolside, Winnie and I have been taking some extra naps. I guess the sun just makes us sleepy. However, I choose not to sleep with my head under the couch, unlike the Winster. She actually sleeps like this a lot. She has some of the strangest sleeping happens. But she's cute, so we usually just laugh and take pictures.

Also, the hubs and I spent some time this weekend exploring further into our "new" town. We tried a new pizza place, which ended up being very good. Family run, quaint and good food-- my favorite type of restaurant. Then we headed to Greek Fest. A festival dedicated to all things Greek. We had some baklava and another dessert, which I cannot spell. And enjoyed some authentic Greek dancing. Opa!


Anyway, happy hump day to you all! Hope your enjoying the sunshine on this summer day.

Until next time...

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