Wednesday, October 24

one year

So much can happen in 365 days. Just that many days ago, I made a decision that changed the rest of my days. I said yes to a question I'd waited my whole life to hear. I never could have imagined that it would have come from the mouth of the man it did, but I am so thankful that it was him. So much has happened in the last year that it's hard to imagine that it really was just that long ago. I have moved twice, got engaged, my brother got married, I got married, friends had babies, and that's just what first comes to mind. Its truly incredible how quickly time flies. I say this often, but I would have never imaged that my life would be where it is right now.

Not to mention the fact that I grew up a whole year. Since my birthday is on a Sunday, I am claiming both this week and next week as birthday weeks. So, it's my birthday week. Awesome and scary all combined into one. I will be 26 on Sunday. 2...6...I realize it's still young, but I was just getting used to being 25 and now all of a sudden I'm getting ready to turn 26. And to think, just 365 days ago, I was 24 and dating and on Sunday I will be 26 and married.


As much as I get afraid of turning another year older, I do think it's true that each year has been better than the year before. 25 was good to me and I am going to be sad to see it go. However, I look forward to a great 26 and lots of new possibilities and adventures. I look forward to a year of traveling and visiting friends with my husband, learning what it means to be married, making a home and starting new traditions. I dare to say it will be the best year yet. So here is to another 365 days.

Wednesday, October 17

feels like home

Have I told you yet that we moved? Well, we moved before the wedding. The week before actually. Talk about chaos. But we're finally settled into our new home and loving it. To be honest, it's not the location that we thought we would be in but it still has been good to us. I finally feel like we have a home. It looks like a real home and I love being bombarded at the door by my puppy and husband when I walk through it. It's the best.

We have yet to really hang much on the walls. I am desperately looking forward to the day when I know we're going to be settled for awhile and I can paint and decorate. Pure white walls are not necessarily the most cozy. And of course, thanks to Pinterest,  you can constantly find new ways to decorate, organize and feel greatly insignificant in your ability to be like Martha Stewart. However, I still sit and gaze at ideas and love it. I'm always open for new ideas and tips so if you have any good secrets please do share.

We even have bedroom furniture! That's what made me feel like a grown up. I now have bedroom furniture. I have draws to put clothes in. Say good bye to those plastic drawers used in college. I love walking in it at night and climbing into it. It's probably the most comfortable bed I've ever slept it, which is probably why I have an even harder time getting out of it in the morning. Usually, its the Winnie kisses (more like slobbers) that get me moving. Winnie even has her own room where gets to sleep, still in a crate, but at least she's not in the mud room anymore. (I promise we're good pet parents)

I've even been trying hard to stay up on cleaning. I'm really good at keeping everything picked up and orderly, but actual cleaning and scrubbing is a different story. I don't mind vacuuming and dusting but it's those bathrooms. Ugg. I hate cleaning them but I also hate thinking about what might be living there. I do have some stellar cleaning products that my mom bought for me which make cleaning easier. As my mom always says, "Let your chemicals do the work for you." But I've been trying some homemade remedies, as well.

Anyway, life is pretty cozy in our new little townhouse. We're pretty content and my heart is full of thankfulness. I will soon bring you some more pictures of the whole house but for now here is a sneak peak.

Wednesday, October 10

sweaters & boots

Not sure what the weather is like where your at, but here in Indiana, it is definitely feeling like fall. The temperature has been a bit chilly the past week. It's time to put away the tank tops and shorts and pull out the sweaters, pants and, my personal favorite, BOOTS. (I may or may not have a minor obsession with boots). Just the other day I was wasting time in the best possible way I know how, shopping. Although, being the good budget minded wife that I am, I refrained from purchasing anything, which is so hard right now because they've just pulled out all their new fall lines and they're super cute. So instead of  buyings a new closet, I decided to pretend and create some new fall outfits on Polyvore.

Fall time clothes are some of my favorite because there is a lot of versatility. You can still pull off an off the shoulder sweater and not be freezing...most days. I really love a lot of the color combinations that you are see now. The beautiful jewel tones are right up my alley. Not that I didn't love all the neon that was out this summer (sarcasm). And I also hate to admits this but I do love leggings. There I said it. I admit it. They really are comfortable. Phew.

Another thing I'm loving is colored jeans. I have a pair of mint and really would love some olive green ones, too. And leaves. I love leaf necklaces.

See, you could even pull off colored pants at work. At least I would try. Maybe if I wish hard enough, this outfit will be in my closet when I get home.

This is what you will typically see me wearing. I like to think I represent a more classic look or at least thats my goal.

Happy Fall Shopping!

Monday, October 1

a new month

Hello, October! Today is the first day of my favorite month. I love everything that comes along with it. I love fall. I love the smell of the trees. I love the briskness of the air. I love the endless display of color. I love football season. I love sweatshirts and jeans. I love boots. I love the endless supply of pumpkin flavored treats. Although, I do not love pumpkin spice lattes. I love bonfires and pumpkin carving. I just love it all. It doesn't hurt that it's my birthday month, as well.

Yep, I will be 26 in 27 days on the 28th of October. How fun is that?!?

Although to be honest, I am really not looking forward to leaving 25 behind. I have loved 25. It's been good to me. I feel like its such a great age. Your old enough to be considered an adult but your young enough that people still tell you, "Your so young!" It's the perfect combination of the two. But I'm sure 26 will have it's greatness too.

On the topic of greatness, let's talk about the weekend shall we? I have loved not having to travel these past few weeks. Although, we did trek over to Ohio for a couples bridal shower. We returned home each night. We didn't have to pack a bag or drive home after a weekend away. Pure greatness. We also had our first guests at our lovely home. Jake's parents, sister and two dogs stayed with us Saturday night. The dogs create sheer chaos running and playing, but it was so great to have guests come to our home. We loved having them there and sharing in our day to day life.

Also, today marks the one month mark. Last month on this day, I was getting ready to walk down the aisle. It seems so long ago but also not long enough. But it definitely was the best day of my life so far. Oh, and I cut my hair off. Since the wedding is over, I decided to start a fresh new bob for this fresh new season.

Here's to you, October!