Monday, October 31

25 & Engaged

This may have been the most exciting, exhilarating, emotional, tiring, wonderful, exhausting week of my life.

Engaged and 25. I still can't believe it, either one actually.

Friday was my 25th birthday. I spent the day with my mom and best dress shopping! Yep, one week in and we're already shopping. You see, normally my mom and I go shopping for my birthday. This year we got to do something a little dresses. It was awesome and kind of hard. I never realized how many different options, variations, alterations, styles, prices, and stores there really were. I'm pretty particular as to what I want so we're going to keep on shopping!

I finished the day with my gorgeous fiance at a wonderful restaurant and some time for us to just celebrate life!

Then Saturday morning, we headed off on our next journey to try to find the perfect reception site. I have one in mind (not sharing that detail yet). We're hoping to get a date set soon! We had some other side trips, such as the apple orchard. See our weekend in pictures...

 PS- My side of the engagement story coming soon...

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