Friday, October 21

Friday Fun Day

Today is Friday. I'm not at work today. I am not working on Monday. I'm loving being at home sitting on my comfy baby momma chair,  you can see it here in the nook. I loved waking up and being able to read, journal and drink my coffee out of my favorite mug. I loved being able to work out and get ready, while watching the Food Network. I love being able to get prepared for this upcoming Homecoming weekend with my cheerleaders. I love that I'm going to go shopping and get a mani/pedi. I love that its not raining outside. I love that I get to see some great girls tonight. I love that I will see old friends tomorrow. I love that I get to spend some extra time with my boy this weekend. I love it all.

I miss the 'ole days when I could be at home in the mornings. I love being at home. I feel refreshed today. I like my job, but sometimes it gets it the way of people, relaxing, and enjoying days at home. So, I am enjoying today. I am so blessed that sometimes I get overwhelmed. I'm trying to soak it all in.

I hope you are enjoying your Friday too.

But for now, I'm off to do some pampering. Happy weekend!

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