Friday, November 4

The value of a heart

It's Friday. Its actually the first week in awhile that I have worked all five days and its been a week. I'm exhausted. So, therefore I am so pumped that it's Friday.

Also, I am pumped because I get to introduce my family to my future-in-laws this weekend. Another first. This will be great. I cannot wait for them to meet. It's like the two pieces of bread coming together with Jake and I being the peanut butter and jelly. We'll all be one big, squishy mess.

When I was little (or at least up until middle school) when my parents would hug, I would run in between them and tell them I wanted to be the peanut butter. So I still stand on the fact that I am the peanut butter.

I am also excited because Jake and I found a reception site and a date. Yay! This is really going to happen! **I promise there will not be many more wedding blogs. I promise there will not be many more wedding blogs**

Something that has been a theme this week has been the concept that people need to know they're valued. People matter, they are important. People are why we are here on this earth. Getting to know people, hearing their stories, loving each other, helping each other, serving each other. This is the reason we're here, right?!?

What determines the value of a person? Is it their material wealth, their work status, how much they volunteer, how many times they go to church?

It's about the heart. It's about what goes on in the heart. One of my favorite sayings that I have to remind myself is "to remember that everyone you meet is fighting their own battle".

You just never know what people are going through. So be the light in their life today.

Try it...see what happens.

Happy Weekend!

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