Thursday, October 27

The Engagement Story - His

Fellow readers of the K.I.S.S blog:
My name is Jacob Paul Revere and I will be your celebrity writer for this lovely blog posting. I have never had any interest in “doing” a blog, but since my lovely wife-to-be has encouraged me; I am sitting here writing to you all.

The wonderful engagement story is something that every single woman in America dreams, wishes, and fantasies about upon birth.  Think I am exaggerating, just talk to Shana!  The goal behind me writing to the extensive amount of followers is to simply provide a different perspective on the wonderful and amazing day that Shana said YES! It all began one day back in January of 2011 when I realized that Shana was the one that was meant for me.  At that time, she had given me so much and been an integral part of my life.  I realized that I didn’t want to spend another day without her.  She was the other half of me that I didn’t know I needed (yes Sha I said need!!  Haha inside joke). I began on January 17, 2011 to write in a journal where I could funnel all of my thoughts and aspirations into a place that Shana would not be able to see or hear.  And so began the proposal journey.

I had spent many days thinking about the how and when and where and why, but I didn’t have any true direction until the wonderful Groupon email was sent to me.  The Hot Air Balloon Corp. got my business and that is where I started the foundation of the proposal plans. I knew that I needed to schedule the hot air balloon ride at a time that would allow other activities afterward, because I was defiantly not going to have the day be like a re-run of the Bachelorette where Jason gets in a hot air balloon, gets on a knee and asks some random chick named Moniqua to marry him, even though he has been cheated on the whole 32 days he has known her. Anyway, I began planning for after the balloon ride which is when I involved the lovely friend, Lauren, into the plan. She was brought in to tie-up loose ends, as well as help out with some other thoughts. So, here is what I came up with…

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride: 8 am – 11:30 am
    • Alternative: ???
  • Indy Zoo: 12 pm – 3:30 pm
    • Alternative: Children’s Museum
  • Picnic at Park: 4 pm – 8 pm
    • Alternative: Any park in the greater Indy area

  • Hot Air Balloon ride was cancelled
  • Parked car to watch sun rise
  • Car battery died
  • Called Uncle Bud and Aunt Sheri for a jump and went with them to breakfast
  • Went to Indy Zoo (no problems…great weather)
  • Lauren successfully dropped off the warmed food and placed it in the trunk of my car
  • Went to park and found the entire Indy Mexican population having a fiesta (250 people total)
  • Went to other park (thank you Lauren) ate dinner, dessert, shared the journal, and asked the women of my dreams to marry me.
  • Tears of joy, the word “Yes, of course” over and over again, jumping, screaming, kissing, more jumping, laughing, and more crying!
To summarize, I hope you all have enjoyed this celebrity blog posting and that I have enlightened you on the engagement story of J and (future) Sha Revere!

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kristyn ellen said...

Jake, friend... you are wonderful. So impressed with the fact that you kept a journal, referenced the bachelorette and kept your cool when things with array with your proposal plan. On top of all that you wrote a blog post - amazing!

So happy you found my dear Shana! Congratulations!

PS. The ring is beautiful and I have only seen pictures. Nice job.