Wednesday, October 12

My go to

Recently, I was inspired by a dear friend of mine, Kristyn Ellen, to share some of my "go to" outfits. If you don't know Kristyn, you should visit her blog, read July. You should also read her go to outfits post. After reading hers, I decided that it's time to step away from some of the heavier topics and talk about clothes! I love to shop. But, it's not nearly as fun to shop when you have to stay within a budget so I don't do nearly as much shopping now that I'm an "adult".

Below are some of my likely go to outfits for relaxing, work, and play time. I'm apretty  simple, girly girl to put it best. So here are some of my favorite.
Go to outfit
Most likely what I would wear just on a regular day. So pumped its getting to be boot season. I am breaking them out this weekend.


This is pretty similar to a fall/winter work outfit. Summer usually includes a skirt or dress. Pretty simple, but girly and still comfortable, since I live in my work clothes.
This could possibly be for some fun time activities. You just never know...honestly depends on my mood.

But thank you Kristyn for inspiring me. You always do in some way or another.

Also, today is my Friday. Yes, it's Wednesday, but no work for this girl for the rest of the week. Thank you, Fall Break.

Oh yeah...and my birthday is in 16 days!!