Monday, October 10

Monday Inspiration

See your thorns as necessary for revealing the beauty of Christ in you.
~Rest Assured by Nancy McGuirk

When I read this today, something struck me inside. It was one of those moments when something just clicks. As I was reading along, the idea of the thorn in your side challenged me with a new thought.

My thorn is used to keep me humble, reminding me that I am not always strong, and that I need God.

I realize that might seem simple, but it struck me in a new way today. It reminded me that we all have a thorn in our side of some sorts. This is what keeps me so close to God. This is what reminds me that I am not in control. This is what reminds me that I am not able to do everything on my own. I need God. I need him to give me grace, mercy and peace to survive this life on earth.

What's your thorn? Where do you need God to cover your weakness?

Something to think about.

In the was my weekend? It was awesome. Let me show you why...

Girls night
Best friends coming together. Nothing better.
We went to a wedding. In the woods
Stunning bride. She is also the reason I am so blissfully happy.

Spent the day with these people.
Tailgating, Football, Boy.
 I had a incredible weekend. I have so much funness planned for the month of October. Yay.

Happy Monday!

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