Thursday, March 1

Things I cannot do

Today has been "one of those days." Between stress at work and general irritatibleness, today has not been one of my proudest moments. And I assume you could probably tell by the look on my face at any given point.

It was one of those days that reminds you of how human you are and how there really are a lot of things that we are not capable of doing. So after reading this, I was inspired to embrace my humanness and create my own list of things that I cannot do. So here it is.

A list of things I cannot do...
  • play golf
  • lay in the sun for hours. I get hot and tired of laying still
  • talk and write (or text)
  • eat just one of anything sweet
  • run for more than 5 miles
  • pet cats lovingly
  • watch anything with zombies for more than 5 minutes
  • hit a tennis ball straight
  • sing soprano
  • go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink
  • not crack my toes
  • watch rugby
  • eat olives or anything with olives on it
  • stop myself from rolling my eyes
  • go by a piano without playing at least one note
  • leave the house without coffee
  • sleep with socks on
  • get up early, just because
  • not daydream
  • go through a whole day without dropping my keys
  • leave the bed unmade all day
  • comprehend most poetry
  • cry at other people's stories
  • skip breakfast
  • leave work with a messy desk

What can't you do?

PS- Only 6 more months

1 comment:

Schlabach Family said...

Hey this sounds like a ENFJ list. I was shaking my head yes I'm with you on over half of your I can not's. However, I have to sleep with socks on even in the summer. Weird I know.