Monday, March 26


There is nothing more beautiful than the art of the written word. Whether it's a story, poetry, blog, or a mere quote. There is something powerful in words. They hold substance and value. They give life to the lifeless and love to the loveless.

Right now, I'm finding myself getting caught up in this book, Cold Tangerines. It's beautiful and a story of grace that combines lots of short stories about her life and its lessons. This is the second book of hers that I've read and it is keeps me turning the page for hours. I love her style of writing and find myself in a lot of her experiences. This story moves me and helps me find places inside that can get overlooked.

I hope that some day I am able to use my words to move people. To give them words that encourage and motivate. To allow people to find freedom in my stories and experiences.

That's what is so beautiful about life, even if you don't feel like it, there is always someone that has gone through whatever it is that you're going through. We're meant to share in this life with one another. During times of pain, sorrow, betrayal, joy and hope, we were created to lean, comfort and celebrate with each other.

And when that's too much. Books have that ability to take you to a completely different place, but not just a place, a completely different mindset. They are a modern time machine. Yet, they are so classic. There is nothing that can replace them. And I think that one perfect example of that type of books is The Hunger Games. Yes, it's the most recent Hollywood release, but the books are so incredibly written. You just can't flip the pages fast enough. Do yourself a favor and read them.

So many stories to be read and so many stories to be written. Dive in.

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