Friday, March 30

two things

Two things that have been coming up this week: trust and being still.

These two ideas just seem to keep popping up all over the place. Usually when this happens, it means it's time to listen. Trust is such a hard things for me sometimes. Not necessary with people but with God. I struggle with trusting all the incredible blessings. I find myself thinking, "It's too good to be true." But often it's not, when the blessings come from God. He wants to bless us and see us thrive. And a beautiful thing happens when we trust and are receptive to His gifts. There is peace. Maybe just a minute, or a moment, but peace exists when we land in the place of trusting in the true blessings of our lives. It's not too good to be true. It's just trusting in the fact that you get to experience these things as a gift.

And then there is being still. I am so bad at this. I like to keep always be moving. I struggle to just be still and present in the moment. It's so easy these days, isn't it. Easy to keep some sort of screen or technology in front of you. Things are wireless or handheld. You can watch TV, text, surf the Internet and be around people all at the same time. But what if everything is turned off? What if we did just one thing at a time? I think we would find these previously multitasked items to be more rich and that we would be fully present.

I know that I fail at this often, but I think its time to strive for being still more often. Soaking in each moment before it slips right through my hands.

Starting now.

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