Monday, September 16

what to do on a meatless monday

What do you do when you've got a giant zucchini, squash and extra carrots lying around on a meatless Monday? You make vegetable lasagna roll ups!

via Recipe Girl

Ok, so I haven't actually made this yet so I can't give you a full report of the recipe. However, I will be sure to provide a full report once we've tried it. But I assume when you combine any sort of pasta, cheese and roasted veggies, it's hard to imagine it not being delicious.

What are your favorite meatless Monday recipes?

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Lorin Karr said...

Just downloaded the recipe!

This looks so good! I love finding new recipes to try. I don't have any good meatless Monday recipes but if I find something good I will send it your way :)

Thanks for the recipe. Looking forward to your recipe report!