Monday, September 23

10 things I learned from friends

A little know fact about me, I love the tv show Friends. I mean really love it, like know all the words to each episode love it. And I am not alone in this, especially in my family. My mom, aunt, cousins and younger brother also love it. So much, that when we get together, it takes only about five minutes for some sort of Friend reference to come up. Oh, and my older brother hates it.

Yesterday marked the 19th year since the premiere of the pilot episode. I can't believe that is has been that long. I was only seven. And it is still my favorite show, ever. As much as the show is filled with sarcastic jokes and adult humor, it has taught me a few things. Here are the top 10 things I've learned from Friends.

1. How to always win at rock, paper, scissors.

 2. Everyone has issues. So don't judge people too quickly.

3. The best way to move furniture up the stairs.

4. That communication is essential in a relationship.

5. How to speak french.

6. That women have seven erogenous zones.

7. The ability to tell who my real friends are.

8. To not care what others think of me.

9. To proof read all my writing.

10. And most importantly, that real friends are really important!

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elm said...

I LOVE Friends...and Gabe and I quote it constantly! This made me smile :)