Thursday, September 12

on slowing down

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We live in a society which demands a whole lot of us. We're constantly being asked to do more, to produce more, to make more money. We're addicted to busyness. And it's really easy to do. We're so connected all the time, between computers, tablets and phones. It's so easy to be always working or doing something. And frankly, I think that is one of the biggest mistakes of our generation. Don't get me wrong; I fall into the busyness trap often. Where I feel that if I am not doing something of value, something that can be measured, then I am not doing something of value. I found that especially while I was in college, that if my calendar wasn't chuck full of meetings, social events and activities then I wasn't achieving my full potential.

What would happen if we would all just slow down a little bit? I realized that can be asking a lot. But think about it for a minute. What if we sat down to dinner, around a table, at night with our family. No phones. Just people and conversation. Or what if we took a some time in the morning and picked up our Bibles or a book instead of our cell phones while we ate breakfast. Maybe, just maybe, things would slowly begin to change.

We weren't created to run ourselves dry. To be spread so thin that we don't have enough time to be in community with those around us. We were created to share in life with one another. I think if we all slowed down and disconnected ourselves a bit, that marriages would be stronger, relationships with children would grow and that community with friends and family would be more important. And I think that could make all the difference in the world.

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Libby Boyes said...

So True! There are so many nights I find myself plugged into my phone and checking my email and refreshing my facebook as I am sitting next to my husband watching tv. We long for those weekends away when we are out of cell service and able to disconnect, but why can't we disconnect ourselves? Thank you so much for this post. It really made me think about priorities and how little changes can make us so much more present in our lives.