Monday, July 1

weekend recap

This weekend we took an impromptu trip to my in-laws for some card playing, pool laying enjoyment. Winnie loves riding in the car and sticking her head between the hubs and I so she has a front row view. Please excuse my half/looks like I'm faking it smile.


Winnie also loves to get into the swimming pool. She especially loves sitting on the steps to cool off after running around the yard like a crazy woman. We are slowly trying to get her comfortable with swimming but she was still pretty hesitant to get in by herself. After a lot of running around and "swimming", she was wiped out and decided to catch a few rays with me on the lounge chair.

Thanks to this post, I marked another item off my bucket list. We enjoyed a semi-rainy bonfire on Saturday night-- where, I'm pretty sure, we ate the biggest marshmallows ever. I'm not complaining either. I do love s'more.

This was my attempt to eat the s'more is a decent manner, but I was very unsuccessful. It ended up everywhere...seriously. I had the bright idea to add extra chocolate to make it that much yummier, which it did. But it was also that much messier. I promise I am not a child.

I'm pumped that it's July and we get to do it all over again this weekend to celebrate the 4th! I'm just praying for more sunshine. We were all pretty exhausted when we got home last night, so we quickly collapsed onto the couch for a movie. My wonderful husband let me pick because I knew he would fall asleep and not watch it anyway he has picked the last five, so I decided on Safe Haven. A pretty typical Nicolas Sparks movie, but I actually cried at the end. Very unlike me. I never cry when I watch movies. Geesh-- marriage is making me soft.

Anyway, Happy July!

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