Tuesday, July 16

on missing people

Distance can be difficult. It's hard on relationships. And if there is one thing I've learned in the past few years, it is that it is hard to be away from those you love. Ever since I moved to Indiana for college, I became increasingly aware of this reality. Growing up I didn't really have to deal with being apart from people. Most of my family lived within a twenty minute radius of me. And I loved that. I grew up being close to family and friends. Now a days, distance has become more of a constant reality.

When we moved to Northern Indiana, we were excited to be closer to both sets of our parents. We live about two hours from mine and about an hour from the hubs. This is a big improvement. However, my best friends are spread amongst the midwest-- Illinois, Indy, Memphis, Nashville-- to name a few. And that stinks. I miss them. I miss being able to meet up for coffee or to just hang out. I miss going shopping with my mom on a whim or getting together with my best friends after a rough day.

What makes it even more challenging is that as much as we love to see our friends and family, traveling is hard too. It's tough to be away from your home weekend after weekend. It's hard constantly packing up and jumping in the car. Not to mention, it's expensive. But in order to see the people closest to us, this is our reality. So we deal with it and we pack up and go.

My heart so deeply desires community. I grew up knowing pretty much everyone in my town. I didn't really enjoy it then, but now that is something I truly miss. I miss knowing my neighbors or being able to run and get a cup of sugar from someone down the street. And I've come to realize that is why I so deeply want to be settled into a house. I'm secretly hoping to find those kinds of relationships in a neighborhood. Although, it takes effort and energy, this is what I need to feel settled.

Moving back to Illinois or being close to all our family isn't a reality. We deal with our situation the best we can. I love being married and I am so thankful for Jake. He really is my best friend and it feels like home as long as we're together. But I know that we both needs those other relationships in our lives also. So we're trying. We're striving for something a little deeper. But it just takes time. That is where I am today. Missing those I care for and hating being far away from friends in need. But here is to knowing that at the very least, they are just a phone call away.

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