Thursday, May 2

winnie love

Winnie hasn't gotten much blog love recently so I figured since she is sportin' her new's time. We've had terrible luck, mostly due to me, finding a groomer that actually knows how to groom a Goldendoodle. Many people like to cut them like poodles, which not to knock the poodles but she is not one. She is a shaggy doodle and I prefer when she looks that way. I finally broke down and took her to PetsMart, which I swore I'd never do, and they did the best job so far. She still has the poodle poof on top but at least she is still cute.

With the weather being so beautiful the past few days, we've been spending a lot of our time outside, hanging out on the balcony and enjoying all the windows being open. I love the smell of springtime! Although...allergies much?!? They seem to be worse than usual, but I'll take it as long as we can keep this weather.

Can you tell I love my doodle?!? Until next time...


Scott Revere said...

Looks like the 4th photo she is trying to smile.:)

Am I the only guy to looks at this blog? Yikes.

Sha said...

She must be smiling at you :) And your not the only one who reads it...your just the only one who comments. I appreciate each comment you leave!