Friday, May 17

thoughts on a friday

My creative juices seems to be in short supply lately. Ok, maybe that's the wrong way of explaining it. They're just reallocated. I've been using them up more at work than ever before. Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing. I've never been in a position where my creativity was being so utilized for work. I get to write regularly, which is part of where those creative juices are going. And I am loving it. I just find that I have less to offer here, in my own space.

When I created this blog, I used it as my primary form of creative outlet. I am a writer and I need to write. I need to get thoughts and words out of my head and into a tangible form. So I often hesitate when I am deciding on what to post on my blog. I don't want to post on just anything. I don't want this space to be used to just post something to say I did it. I want it to be about quality and creativity and my gift to the world because that is what writing is to me. It's what I can offer, it's my form of art.

So regardless of this topic-less blog post. Here is what I offer to you today. My lack of creative juices and just words and thoughts. Because that's all I've got for you today.

Plus, it's Friday and my day off. So maybe I'll store up my creativity for another day. I hope you find yourself surrounded by something beautiful today that inspires you and fills you. Happy Weekend.

Until next time...

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