Friday, May 24

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Today I'm linking up with Carolina Charm for Five on Friday!


1. our kitchen table is graced by these beautiful peonies which I picked up this week. they're blooming and smell so wonderful. peonies are my favorite flowers and having fresh ones on the table makes every day better.


2. we have been eating entirely too much frozen yogurt in our house, but thankfully the meijer brand of fro-yo isn't as bad (calorie wise) as typical ice cream and it's delicious.

3. you can read more about this here, but i love finding new uses for something that you already have in hand. plus, it's much more budget friendly than buying a new pair of shorts.

4. on a recent trip to the book store, I spent the afternoon reading each page of this cookbook. I cannot wait to actually purchase it so I can have it on hand all the time.

5. this weekend-- I'm very excited for this holiday weekend. I actually have four days off and we're planning to spend the weekend with family and friends enjoying good food and cocktails and working on my tan poolside. It'll be a welcome weekend of relaxation for both of us.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you all!


Carolina Charm said...

I cannot get over how GORGEOUS your peonies are!!! i want some!!!!

And that cookbook is calling my name!

Happy long weekend, friend!! :)

Kenzie Ashcraft said...

New follower from Christina's blog!
Hope you come visit~adore your cute blog!



melissa said...

Hi - I'm visiting from the link up. Your peonies are GORGEOUS! I just love them. When I found out they wouldn't be in season for my wedding I was tempted to change the date. :)