Wednesday, October 24

one year

So much can happen in 365 days. Just that many days ago, I made a decision that changed the rest of my days. I said yes to a question I'd waited my whole life to hear. I never could have imagined that it would have come from the mouth of the man it did, but I am so thankful that it was him. So much has happened in the last year that it's hard to imagine that it really was just that long ago. I have moved twice, got engaged, my brother got married, I got married, friends had babies, and that's just what first comes to mind. Its truly incredible how quickly time flies. I say this often, but I would have never imaged that my life would be where it is right now.

Not to mention the fact that I grew up a whole year. Since my birthday is on a Sunday, I am claiming both this week and next week as birthday weeks. So, it's my birthday week. Awesome and scary all combined into one. I will be 26 on Sunday. 2...6...I realize it's still young, but I was just getting used to being 25 and now all of a sudden I'm getting ready to turn 26. And to think, just 365 days ago, I was 24 and dating and on Sunday I will be 26 and married.


As much as I get afraid of turning another year older, I do think it's true that each year has been better than the year before. 25 was good to me and I am going to be sad to see it go. However, I look forward to a great 26 and lots of new possibilities and adventures. I look forward to a year of traveling and visiting friends with my husband, learning what it means to be married, making a home and starting new traditions. I dare to say it will be the best year yet. So here is to another 365 days.


Katherine Michael said...

Hey! We are celebrating our engagementversary the day after yours! Congrats! :)

Sha said...

Katherine-- I remember when you got engaged! It was right outside Morrison. How fun!