Monday, October 1

a new month

Hello, October! Today is the first day of my favorite month. I love everything that comes along with it. I love fall. I love the smell of the trees. I love the briskness of the air. I love the endless display of color. I love football season. I love sweatshirts and jeans. I love boots. I love the endless supply of pumpkin flavored treats. Although, I do not love pumpkin spice lattes. I love bonfires and pumpkin carving. I just love it all. It doesn't hurt that it's my birthday month, as well.

Yep, I will be 26 in 27 days on the 28th of October. How fun is that?!?

Although to be honest, I am really not looking forward to leaving 25 behind. I have loved 25. It's been good to me. I feel like its such a great age. Your old enough to be considered an adult but your young enough that people still tell you, "Your so young!" It's the perfect combination of the two. But I'm sure 26 will have it's greatness too.

On the topic of greatness, let's talk about the weekend shall we? I have loved not having to travel these past few weeks. Although, we did trek over to Ohio for a couples bridal shower. We returned home each night. We didn't have to pack a bag or drive home after a weekend away. Pure greatness. We also had our first guests at our lovely home. Jake's parents, sister and two dogs stayed with us Saturday night. The dogs create sheer chaos running and playing, but it was so great to have guests come to our home. We loved having them there and sharing in our day to day life.

Also, today marks the one month mark. Last month on this day, I was getting ready to walk down the aisle. It seems so long ago but also not long enough. But it definitely was the best day of my life so far. Oh, and I cut my hair off. Since the wedding is over, I decided to start a fresh new bob for this fresh new season.

Here's to you, October!

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