Monday, November 5

welcome november

Well, it's November 5th already. How did that happen? Too much goodness going on, I suppose. Between work, birthdays, spooky Halloween, and road trips, time can really get away from you. There has been a lot of fun wrapped up on the last week. I'll help you get caught up through my iPhone pictures.
This year for Halloween, I dressed up as Cat Woman, Winnie dressed up as Wonder Woman and Jake was Superman. We were action packed! We spent Halloween at the nursing home with Jake's residents. They sure do love our pup, especially when you put her in a cute little costume. She had her fill of tootsie pops and sugar cookies. Yep. They just loved to feed her cookies and she loved it too.
Mom and I had our annual birthday shopping trip. Always a success and its something that we both look forward to every year. We capped the day off with dinner in the kitchen at Buca Di Beppo. It was so fun to watch the inner workings of the kitchen as we enjoyed some delicious Italian food.
Speaking of are my new birthday boots! Thank you to grandma, my brother & sister-in-law. And Jake who patiently waited for me to pick the perfect pair.

Winnie was trying to help me do some household dusting.

Ok. Not really. But she is cute.

To top it all off, we spent this past weekend in Milwaukee visiting some dear friends of ours. Alex was one of Jake's college roommates and still one of his best friends. We always have a great time when we visit with Alex and Corey, even though they're Packer fans. We also love Milwaukee. It's such a neat city. I would have never guessed, but every time we visit we always talk about how beautiful it is and how much fun stuff there is to do. Plus, the company is always great. It has been so fun for me to get to meet Jake's friends and their wives, to develop new friendships and to share in our current life experiences. It's something we truly enjoy. Now if only we could turn the heat up a bit in Wisconsin...

And every time we drive home, we always stop for some Portillo's. Always.

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Kim C said...

We are headed to Milwaukee this weekend!! Never been but I'm looking forward to it!