Wednesday, October 17

feels like home

Have I told you yet that we moved? Well, we moved before the wedding. The week before actually. Talk about chaos. But we're finally settled into our new home and loving it. To be honest, it's not the location that we thought we would be in but it still has been good to us. I finally feel like we have a home. It looks like a real home and I love being bombarded at the door by my puppy and husband when I walk through it. It's the best.

We have yet to really hang much on the walls. I am desperately looking forward to the day when I know we're going to be settled for awhile and I can paint and decorate. Pure white walls are not necessarily the most cozy. And of course, thanks to Pinterest,  you can constantly find new ways to decorate, organize and feel greatly insignificant in your ability to be like Martha Stewart. However, I still sit and gaze at ideas and love it. I'm always open for new ideas and tips so if you have any good secrets please do share.

We even have bedroom furniture! That's what made me feel like a grown up. I now have bedroom furniture. I have draws to put clothes in. Say good bye to those plastic drawers used in college. I love walking in it at night and climbing into it. It's probably the most comfortable bed I've ever slept it, which is probably why I have an even harder time getting out of it in the morning. Usually, its the Winnie kisses (more like slobbers) that get me moving. Winnie even has her own room where gets to sleep, still in a crate, but at least she's not in the mud room anymore. (I promise we're good pet parents)

I've even been trying hard to stay up on cleaning. I'm really good at keeping everything picked up and orderly, but actual cleaning and scrubbing is a different story. I don't mind vacuuming and dusting but it's those bathrooms. Ugg. I hate cleaning them but I also hate thinking about what might be living there. I do have some stellar cleaning products that my mom bought for me which make cleaning easier. As my mom always says, "Let your chemicals do the work for you." But I've been trying some homemade remedies, as well.

Anyway, life is pretty cozy in our new little townhouse. We're pretty content and my heart is full of thankfulness. I will soon bring you some more pictures of the whole house but for now here is a sneak peak.

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