Friday, November 18

We made it...

Well, we all survived's Friday again! It couldn't come at a better time. This morning I woke up with a cough and froggy voice (think Kermit), so obviously that means it's time for the weekend.
What is even more exciting is that I don't have ANY plans...well minus tonight. But tomorrow I am going to sleep in, snuggle with my puppy and boy, drink coffee from a mug, and enjoy. It has been almost two months since I've had a weekend at home.

I've been thinking a lot about homes this week. The other night I was watching My First Place and House Hunters. I love watching people dissect every details of houses. I usually laugh at most of what they say but I also love to see the different types of houses.

I cannot wait until the day where I can come home to the same house and know that I'm not going to have to move within a year. I'm going to be able to get live in a house that Jake and I own. To decorate and change and make memories in.

I want a porch so we can sit on the swing on summer nights. 

I want a wrap around porch so that I can watch the sun rise on one side
and the watch it set on the other.

I want a nice big kitchen where people spend most of their time. I want to host dinner parties and events. I want lots and lots of good smells coming from here. 

I also want a vacation house on the lake where we can spend our
weekends with friends and family

Happy Friday, all!

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