Thursday, September 22

Think like my puppy

Sometimes I can be a worry wart. Just one of those personality traits that is a character builder. Not something I particularly enjoy, but I've learned a lot about myself and life through it.

The past few days I've been thinking, wondering, worrying about all sorts of things. What's next in life? What's next for my career? Should I go back to school? Should I wear purple or blue? Skirts or pants? Big, little. It usually doesn't matter.

A dear friend of mine gave me a new devotional book, Jesus Calling written by Sarah Young. It is beautifully written as if Jesus is writing and talking directly to you. This is what Jesus was saying today...

"Trust me and refuse to worry, for I am your strength and your song. You are feeling wobbly this morning, looking at difficult times looming ahead, measuring them against your own strength. However, they are not today's tasks - or even tomorrows.  So leave them in the future and come home to the present...Among all My creatures, only humans can anticipate future events."
~Sarah Young

As my puppy is playfully jumping around me playing with her lowly blue monkey, I had a eye opening moment. I need to be more like my puppy. I need to live in the moment, enjoy each moment, appreciate each moment just like my adorable little puppy does with excitement and eagerness to embrace the moment I am in. This simple thought brought me peace. I'll just be more like my puppy, right?!?

We'll we shall see, but I'll at least try. Trust and don't worry. Trust and don't worry. Just another thing I've learned from my precious pup.

And my favorite season starts tomorrow. FALL!!! I love all things about fall, especially candy corn.

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