Monday, September 26

Controlling planner

Do you ever have one of those moments when you feel like you're being controlled by your planner?

I do.

I love my planner. Kind of weird, but it's true. Right now I'm obsessed with my Moleskine planner. I used to just use them for my journals, but I've branched out and now have a planner. I love it probably  more than I should. You should get one. Just sayin'.

I love  being able to write and mark and make plans. I love to make plans. I love the thrill of a new plan or a new adventure. Nothing gets me excited like a new plan does...and then getting to write it in my planner. When I was in college, I would make it an activity in some of my none favorite classes. Plan making in my planner! Woo...I'm cool.

But sometimes I can get sucked into being controlled by my planner. Controlled by the plans I've made, the commitments I've promised. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by it. When this happens, I have to take a step back and plan to stop planning. I have to mark out time for just me. I have to plan out time to take a break and rest. I can get so caught up into planning and busyness. It can be my worst enemy. Calendars, planners, cell phones, computers. Whew. I get tired just thinking about it.

Today I must remind myself to PUT THE PLANNER DOWN and just enjoy each moment, especially when it starts looking like this....


This past weekend, I had one of those unplanned moments. Actually the plan was to go to church and the sit on the couch all day. Then I had one of those "I love my life moments." We got home from a great church service, put on a sweatshirt, grilled up some hot dogs, and sat on our butts in front of the TV. I just sat there looking at my life in that moment and my heart smiled. The beauty of a moment. You can't plan for that.

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kristyn ellen said...

A to do list can make or break my day. I feel ya.