Tuesday, July 5


Call me slow, but as we were celebrating Independence Day this past weekend it dawned on me. It's summertime!

I do realize that it is now a week into July and I am just starting to realize that its summer outside. Now that I am a part of the working world, I spend most of my afternoons in an ice cold office building without any windows in my office. So, I have no idea if its raining or shining.

I went from 20 some years of summers spent outside, in a pool, hanging out with friends, bonfires, camping, nighttime softball games, going to bed late, and getting up late. To being up with the sun (on a good day), getting into the same routine, wearing sweaters all year round because my building is so cold, coming home with minimal time and energy for the sunlight.

Welcome to adulthood, I guess. This is the first summer that I am now working full time, so I feel as though I'm being a big jipped out of my summer. And I am just realizing that my summer is going to be gone before I've even had the opportunity to enjoy it. So it's time to grab hold and enjoy the sunshine! Although, I can say that this summer I am sportin' a pretty decent tan. That's a plus.

Thankfully, this past summer weekend...this is where I spent most of my time.

 With this cute little pup

And this sweet boy

And for now, I make a declaration to enjoy my summer, even if I only have a few hours. I will take the time to do the things that make summer so great. Like bike rides, grilling out, long walks, enjoying the warm weather, and just being outside.

And I also think it's time to make another summer bucket list...

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