Friday, June 10

A Time For Rest

As I wind down from another busy week. Side note: I realized today how often I say that it's been a busy week. Every week is a busy week...therefore, it is just a week. So I need to start reserving the word busy for when I truly am busy. Back to point. My thought for today has been on the concept of rest.

As I am working more and more I am really starting to understand why people always make such a big deal about the weekend. I never realized before how great it is to have a couple days where you don't have to get up and go to work...even if you love you're job. Weekends are great. So as I started thinking ahead and planning my weekend. What I want to do, what new recipes I want to try, thinking about the out of ordinary things I want to experience or the conversations and time spent with out of town friends (ughmmm...Ashley & Charley). I was reminded of the importance of the need to rest.

Emotional, spiritual, and physical time of rest is so crucial to us. It's even in the Bible. If God wants me to rest, you think I'd take more advantage of it :). But it is abnormal for me to just stop and rest. Sometimes it's even physically hard for me to do. I have a hard time sitting still.

However, this week I have been exhausted nearly every day. Waking up has been so hard. I think I may have even slept in every day. Whoops! I'm learning to get ready even faster, which has its perks. But its hard to enjoy the things you do when you're exhausted. Hence, the important of rest. So as I go into this weekend, I am no longer going to plan or figure out how I should spend every minute. I'm going to simply let it go and try to get some needed rest. I hope you do too. As I think about rest, I think of things such as these:

I could fall asleep right there.

Why not...this would be awesome.

It's like heaven.
Ok, not really, but how adorable is he?
Happy weekend...get some rest.

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