Wednesday, June 22

Pride & a Puppy

Sometimes I have a pride issue. Shocker, I know! But really...I have a tendency to make the statement "I will never" and usually when I say that, it means that's exactly what is going to happen. It's awesome. Ha.

Recently, this pride issue has been rearing its ugly head a bit. You see, I also have a tendency to not be content as well and usually these two traits like to pal around together. As in, I may think less of the job that I do or where I am because I am worried about what others think about it. Or as I am looking to move, I may not want to live in one location because it's not a "nice" as I think I would like. See, pride.

Most often my discontentness occurs because I am not being thankful. I am usually just being selfish. Yuck. What an honest moment when I realized this. Right now I feel like I am being taught a lesson in humility and, yet another, lesson in control. When I stop worrying about what other people think or get rid of my elitist attitude about that I think is good enough, I'm very content. I'm very happy. I'm satisfied and I'm grateful.

You see, I am here for a purpose. Sometimes I forget that and its in those times I am not grateful. I'm working on it.

But on a lighter note: WE GOT A PUPPY!

Click here to see more pictures what she looks like.

Ah, can't believe it! We pick her up on Saturday. I'm afraid we have no idea what we got ourselves into. So, if you have any advice on raising a puppy I'd be more than happy to read it...and we need a name. Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Don't worry there will be more pictures soon!

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Kristyn Ellen said...


It's a fun experience. I am assuming when you say WE you mean this will be a joint adventure with Jake? :) People always say puppies are a lot of work, and sure they are... but it's work you want to do! It has such big rewards. Excited for you.. I'll be thinking of a name. Right now I just want to call her LOVIE because of her adorable face.