Friday, June 24

Brotherly Love

 This is my baby brother. Yes, he is about that much bigger than me. He's almost 16, which means he almost has his drivers license. I pray for the drivers in Illinois often. But, he came into my life when I was 9 years old. Honestly, I really hoped he was a girl, but I got over that. Now I am just so grateful he's in my life. We have a special relationship. As you can see from the picture. He's a gem. Really...he's annoyingly charming and good at almost everything he does. He's very musically gifted and I love listening to him. He's awesome. It makes me sad that I am not around to watch him grow up and suffer through his teen years, but I am so grateful that we have the relationship that we do.
 This is my other brother. (Actually it's both of them, but he's the bigger one.) He's my big brother. I've never known life without him. He's just always been there. He's in med school now. Getting married in less than a year to one of my best friends. He's so grown up. I'm really proud of him for pursuing his dream.

He and I too have a special relationship with him. It's different than the little bro, but its still good. We went to the same college, which is exactly what I didn't want, but it ended up being the biggest blessing. Even though, he actually ignored me for the first two weeks so I would "make friends." I am not sure if he thought I wasn't capable of it or what. 
But needless to say, this is the first year that we haven't lived in the same state, or at least I haven't seen him at least once a month. It was a big adjustment and I miss him terribly. I loved living close, and its saddens me to think that we may never live in the same town again. But, who knows...maybe we'll be neighbors some day! Even if he doesn't admit it...he would LOVE that!
Some people don't have any brothers and some don't like theirs but for me...I like 'em. I think they're pretty great. That's all.

Happy weekend!

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