Thursday, March 3

If you could do anything...

If I could do anything...I would write.

Yes, indeed, I would to be a writer. I would write whatever I wanted to, without the constraints of staying within a specific writing style. I would write, for the love of writing.

I went through a phase where I though writing was dumb. This was the time where the only thing I was writing was when someone told me to. But once I began writing because  I wanted to, it completely changed my life.

I fell in love. I fell in love with words.

I love the way words work. Think about it. There is a significant amount of power in words both written and spoken. A poorly written sentence can have a huge impact. Wrong spelling, wrong word choice. Although they may seem like minimal details, they actually play a big role. Especially for people like me because as much as I love to write I also love to edit. I love to go back through what I have written or what others have written and make it better...ok maybe not better but try to figure out exactly the right word to use. 

Its kind of like solving a math problem. You have a set of data and you want to figure it out to provide an answer. So you go trying to find the right combination of steps that will give you the right answer. Writing is just the same. You have an group of words, and you try to put them together to give you the exact combination of what you are trying to articulate. It's important.

With all of that said, the reason I love to write is not because I am fond of math. It is because I have a lot of thoughts that run through my head, all the time. I am honestly not sure yet why God created me that way but I am sure I will spend the rest of my life trying to figure it out. But writing allows me to release those thoughts. Pen to paper...or in this case, fingers to keys. Once the thought is written down, it is saved forever and I can release it from my mind and move on to the next thought.

For me, there is just something truly amazing about the freedom that comes with just a pen and some paper. So simple, so wonderful.

Maybe someday I'll get paid to write. But for now, I write for the love of words.

If you could do anything, what would you do?

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Kristyn said...

Well said. It's the freedom -- from a cloudy mind. Or just the freedom to create with originality. Things seem so much more clear once I write it out.

My list is too long, but writing is on there. :)