Monday, March 21

Monday Top 10's

Fact: I love lists.

I love making lists, I love it when things are in list format, I love checking things off of my lists. There is just something about it that helps simply my thought and my to do's. But I also really love making top 10 lists. These usually consist of just randomness. So for your lovely spring time Monday, here are a couple lists to enjoy!

Top 10 reasons I love spring
10. The smell of freshly cut grass
9. Fresh flowers
8. You can open the windows and not freeze
7. The sun comes back out
6. The birds start singing
5. It stays light longer
4. Baseball season
3. Going barefoot is deemed more appropriate
2. No more winter jackets

Top 10 Things I plan/hope to do this spring
10. Go on at least one bike ride a week
9. Go camping
8. Bonfires. Lots of them.
7. Go to the Bahama's (only two and a half weeks...woo hoo)
6. Bake more.
5. Plant maybe?
4. Make a bird house and then watch the birds that come. I'm thinking hummingbirds.
3. Start making aprons.
2. Sit on our balcony, drink coffee and read
1. Road trip

Now let's just hope I do them.

Spring is here, spring is here!!

1 comment:

Kristyn said...

Yaaaa love those lists lady!
I make about five a day, and then make revisions. :)