Sunday, March 13

There's something beautiful

Despite the chaos going around us in the is so important to realize the beauty and joy that happens all around but we often don't hear about it.

Warning: It could get sappy....sorry (kind of)

This past weekend we were in Cincinnati celebrating the marriage of two friends. And what a beautiful weekend it was. There is truly something beautiful about marriage and love. It is really wonderful to spend time in the presence of it and celebrating what God has created it to be.

This weekend marks not only a significant event in the lives of our friends, but also in my own life. It is a weekend that changed my life in a way I never could imagine.

The most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen

One year ago, this week, I went on my "official" first date with Jake. I had no idea at that time that that date would be so life changing. Now, before I say much more, let me say that I realize the future is in the hands of God and that is where it all stands. But I trust His faithfulness.

My relationship is truly a gift from God, because it if was up to me I wouldn't have taken the chance. But, I am so incredibly grateful that God is faithful in His promise that He has a plan for our lives and that He will provide in His timing. However, I am just in awe of how good He is and how He brings people into our lives.

One year ago today, my life changed in such a way that I could have never prepared for and its been the most incredibly beautiful ride. Its been a challenging year with a lot of changes; finishing grad school, moving, starting a new job, moving again, becoming a "big kid", immense life changes have all happened and those were just my life...not to mention Jake moving three times, two major certification tests, working in three different locations. It's been a lot of change.

But through it all, I've been challenged and grown and never been so in love as I am now. I have learned so much that I cannot even begin to explain. I am better than I was and I continue to grown not only in my relationship with Jake but also what it means to experience unconditional love from the God of the universe.

Love is a beautiful thing and it is to be celebrated. I'm just so glad that we were created to share in this life because it makes the journey so much more enjoyable.

My ridiculous and awesome family
Friends til the end
They have my heart.
They're something extra special
I have been truly blessed with an incredible family, amazing friends and now I am in love with a man who is far greater than I could have ever imagined and who has the most beautiful, genuine heart. Life is not usually easy, it is full of challenges and tough times. But when we're in the presence of love, it makes life beautiful.

He's even a Colts fan.
So, enjoy and keep life simple by just loving. It's one risk work taking and it is beautiful.


Kristyn said...

"...but also what it means to experience unconditional love from the God of the universe."

They truly do compliment each other. All forms of love.

I would not be the same without you.

Staci said...

Ok, this made me cry. We are blessed to have you in our lives. Staci