Friday, March 25

Friday, Friday, Friday

So it's Friday. Yay! I think I have been ready for Friday since Monday at 8:30 a.m. But that's ok. It's here now and that's what important!

But really...what a busy week it's been. Sometimes it amazes me how much time it takes to get things done. I used to never understand what working individuals meant by "there just aren't enough hours in the day." I never really could have imaged that there was really that much work to do in one day...welp...I have now learned. I understand that fully and I often live in the phrase.

My challenge has been to learn how to stay simplified when work gets crazy. Never, do I want to become someone who runs all day at work and doesn't enjoy a single bit of it. Because the reality're going to get up the next morning and do the exact same thing. There has to be time to enjoy what you're doing...or at least not be stressed out by it all the time.

We live in a culture that disagrees with that statement. We live in a culture that tells us the more productive we are, the more valuable we are. True to some degree. But what about your quality of life? When does that come into play? When we retire?

Sorry, but I refuse to wait until I'm 65 to enjoy my life. Life was created to be enjoyed...not survived.

A part of last Sunday's sermon stated..."Rest is a gift. God wants us to experience rest."

Well...I'm sold...I'm not saying I'm good at it...finding time to rest...but everyday I try a little harder.

So for your Friday...enjoy and get some rest. And imagine you are the mountains

Or here...

the beach with friends or...

My personal favorite espresso in Paris

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