Wednesday, October 2

happy closing day!

Today is a big day! We closed on our house this morning. Isn't she beautiful!

We are now officially homeowners! We're so excited for this next stage in our life and cannot wait to get into our new home. Although we don't move for a couple more weeks, we'll be busy painting, cleaning and packing. But for now we're off to celebrate and start packing!


Jess Suarez said...

Hi Shana,
I found your blog through Simply Clarke, and I'm a new follower via GCF :)
Congrats on your new house!! It's very nice!
I was browsing around your website, and noticed your wedding pics. There really nice, and I was wondering if you would consider doing a guest post on my blog about your wedding?
If your interested email me at

xoxo, Jess
P.S. I have a new blog hop thats live called Pinkalicious Wed. to support breast cancer, I hope you can link up with us :)

Elise @ cheers yall said...

STUNNING! What a beauty! I've always had a thing for white houses. :) Congratulations!!! xx

Rachel said...

How exciting for you guys!! That's a big step, you have a lot of fun ahead of you when it comes to making your house truly your home! :)