Wednesday, April 17

my favorite pinterest recipes

Pinterest is such a great way to find new recipes. You really can spend all day just repinning pictures of delicious looking dishes. However, sometimes looks can be deceiving. I've made a couple of those dishes and to its always such a bummer when you prepare something and its an epic failure.

Today I wanted to share with you three of my favorite Pinterest recipes. It's ways better to try things after someone else has figured out if it actually tastes good. And instead of retyping all three recipes, you can just click on the name of the dish and it will take you right to the original recipe.

First, the Grilled Bruschetta Chicken is delicious. It was delicious right off the girl and the leftovers were just as tasty. If you like bruschetta, than you definitely need to try this. It's also super easy and healthy, so there is no reason you shouldn't attempt it.

Secondly, I tried the baked spinach chips only because I had a bunch of left over baby spinach leaves from a recipe I had previously made. I wasn't real optimistic about the flavor because I'm not a huge fan of spinach, but I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it actually tasted similar to chips. There is a slight flavor difference but if you are wanting a healthier option, these are a great choice. They were good enough that I ate them all. But make sure you have a mirror, so you don't have any green things hanging out of your teeth afterward.

Lastly, is by far my most favorite recipe from Pinterest. I don't really like fish. I rarely eat it and when I do the fishy taste has to pretty covered up; however, on occasion I can handle fish tacos. Since Jake likes fish a lot, I figured I'd be a good wife and make something with fish. As soon as we had these, we were addicted. The mango & avocado salsa is to die for! I've used both fresh tilapia and mahi mahi and each time it has turned out awesome. We make them at least ever couple weeks. The only down fall is that they have a lot of fresh ingredients that can get expensive, but they are so worth it. Oh, and they're healthy for you. You really can't go wrong.

So there you go. Those are my favorite pinned recipes. You can check out all the other recipes on my Pinterest page as well.

Tell me-- what are some of your favorites?

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