Friday, April 5

high five for friday

today I'm linking up with from my grey desk to share my best from this week.

it's been a pretty good week in our household. even though we're not in florida, we've had some nice weather and some exciting happenings.

1. we spent Easter weekend with both families- lots of driving but it also gave us the opportunity to see the beautiful double rainbow. a wonderful reminder of God's promises.
2. our wedding album finally arrived today. love love love being able to look at the pictures. it's perfect!
3. we've had an extra set of (four) legs this week. my in-laws are on spring break so we've been dog sitting. we love having two fluffy puppies around the house. they play and play all day long and they really are best friends.
4. the Easter bunny brought me some lovely, purple tulips. i love having real flowers on the table.
5. the weather has finally decided to act like spring. the hubs and i enjoyed sitting on our back deck watching the sunset-- and not be freezing.

oh, and i got a job. yay! it happened pretty quickly, just in the last week. i start training on monday and will be doing social media and website work at a local women's boutique. clothes, shoes, writing, social media-- yes, i am excited.

i'm ending this week feeling just showered in blessings. so thank you, thank you, thank you.

happy friday!


Katherine Michael said...

congrats on the new job!!

Sha said...

Thanks Katherine! Hope your enjoying your sweet baby boy!