Thursday, November 15

projects, paint & packing up

There has been a lot going on recently. Yet, I've managed to squeeze in a few fun projects. Since we don't have a lot of extra storage space in the townhouse, my jewelry has been hiding out in the closet. When I saw this idea on Pinterest I got inspired. We had some extra boards from our wedding signs that were just the perfect size.
So, I picked up a few half off antique looking drawer handles from my favorite, Hobby Lobby. Then my wonderful husband helped by fastening them to the board. He then hung it our bathroom where I can display all my necklaces.

I also love seeing it each morning because it always reminds me of our wedding. It makes me smile.

We also painted a wall in the living room which then required new pillows for the couch.  I found a beautiful paisley pattern, again at HL. I didn't have a pattern so I laid the material out over the pillows and measured the size. I pretty much prayed that they were the right size the whole time.
Although, I've sew many things I've never actually made pillow covers. It was pretty simple. They are an envelope closure in the back and I made them to fit over the 20" pillows we already had on the couch.

An hour and a half later, two pillows were done and they fit perfectly. I have some more material to finish the, not as pretty, gold pillows. I really like how they turned out.

We did all this hard work and fun projects over the past couple weeks making our home so cozy. And then Jake gets a promotion and so now we're moving.

Yep, we're packing up again and heading north. We will be moving to the South Bend area, which is new territory for both of us. Irish territory! It has all happened pretty quickly, so it's still very new to us. We're hoping to get packed up and moved around the first week of December, but details are still pending.

We're really excited for this new chapter to begin. New town, new jobs, new house. It'll be fun. I'm always up for a new adventure. I'll keep you updated as events unfold.

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Megan Pula said...

Sha- Way to get creative! I love them!