Thursday, January 19

Sniffles & Snow

Oh, the snow is coming down! Big fluffy flakes. Finally, it is winter.

And now that I have said that, I think I'm already ready for springtime. Just kidding. I like some elements of winter. I like bundling up both indoors and outdoors. Wearing lots of layers and snuggling close to the ones you love. I love spending nights with hot cocoa and a movie or a good book. I love the smell of the fireplace at my grandma's house. Oh, grandma's house. How I wish I could be there now....(Especially now because they're snow birding in Florida...where it is not snowing).

But along with winter, comes the sniffles, which I have battling these past couple days. Yuck! I do not like being sick. As if anyone does, but it seems to be even more annoying when you're older because you don't get to stay home from school. Sure, you can stay home from work, but there isn't nearly as much enjoyment out of staying home from work because its all still there tomorrow, just piled up more.

Although, I am pretty fortunate to have someone who loves me enough to take care of me when I have the sniffles. Yesterday, I spent the day on the couch not leaving except when I ran out of tissues. My faithful companion, Winnie, laid with me most of the day. I swear that dogs take on whatever emotion you are feeling. So, Winnie and I watched countless episodes of reruns and the newest episode of The Bachelor. Thankfully, Jake went to the store for more medicine and made me chicken noodle soup and 7UP, which always makes me feel better. So today I got off the couch and went back to daily life. Still sniffling just a little...but now the snow is falling and its beautiful.

Also, Winnie got her first haircut. She went from a floppy puppy to a little lady!

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stephanie said...

hope you feel better friend!! and i agree i'm SO ready for spring!!