Tuesday, May 3

True Confession

True confession: 
Sometimes I wish I could have lived "back then." 
(And by "back then" I mean, the 1940's.)

Yes, I am aware that there was a war going on in those early years, but really...that's happening now. Anyway, times seemed simpler and more elegant. To me, there is something romantic about those years. Just imagine...girls being able to be girls. Big dresses, high heels, super cute hairstyles and full covered swimsuits were fashionable. How adorable! A time where femininity was embraced.

For example...Grace Kelly. She exudes femininity, poise, grace, beauty. Ah, what it would be like to be a princess. (Maybe I'm not past the royal wedding buzz yet).

Ah yes, the joy of a long, full skirt. Ok, maybe I'm being a bit idealistic. But probably most girls dream of wearing a full skirt that you can twirl in at some point in their life.

To me, Grace Kelly exhibits many characteristics of a true women in touch with her "girly" side and is completely confident about it. There was a time when I used to immensely dislike anything "girly." Lace. Pink. Dresses. Skirts. Doing my hair. I insisted that I carried a bag and not a purse. I wore big jeans and big t-shirts. I'm just really thankful that digital cameras weren't around then. Bleh!

As I grow up, I am realizing the beauty and wonder of being a girl! And how much fun it is, too! Now, I'm all about it. I love lace, dresses, getting dressed up, jewelry, having my door opened, and just plain being a lady.

Yep, I love being a true girl and I hope to someday be remembered as such.

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