Monday, May 9

Where I'm from

We all come from somewhere. 
Sometimes we're not real thrilled with where we grew up, 
sometimes we think its the best place in the world.

I never noticed that where I'm from is any different than where everyone else is from until I went to college. Yes, I realized it was a small town, but there were lots of small towns so it didn't seem any different. It wasn't until a conversation my freshman year of college when someone asked how many people lived in my town that I realized. 

"350," I answered.

Silence. Shock. Wrenched faces.

"Thousand, right?!?" Ha. I laughed. Little did I know that there were some people who thought that everyone had a gas station in their town, or that everyone lived within five miles of a superstore. Nope. Not me. I live in a town that doesn't even have a stop light and where everyone really does know everyone...and their business! And let's be honest, we're all probably related.

 It took me a couple years to appreciate and realize the value of my small town upbringing. The beauty in the slow paced charm. Now living two hours away from my tiny town and grandparents farm, my heart aches for the simplicity that I grew up in. I often miss the wide open spaces, the smell of green, looking outside and seeing nothing but cornfields. Most of all I miss the warm, friendly faces and the love that surrounds you.

I miss the family. 

I know that God has brought me to where I am for a reason and I am truly blessed by it, 
but nothing will ever replace home.


Wyatt said...

Very cool, Shana! Boy do I know exactly how you feel. Your description sounds identical to Michigantown--where I grew up. Never thought I'd say it growing up but I sure hope to settle down in a place just like it.. But like you said, most are probably all related and know all your past so maybe it's good to find a place just like it... somewhere else.

TallParks said...

I always got the same reaction from people whenever I told them my hometown had a population of 350 or my graduating class was only 39 kids. It's a nice perspective to have I think. I don't yearn to go back at all though. You couldn't pay me to! Haha.