Thursday, January 24

happy birthday husband


today you turn 26. welcome. i hope you enjoy it as much as i have so far. i know birthdays aren't as big of a deal to you as they are to me, but my prayer is that you feel loved and celebrated today. you deserve every bit of it. you work so hard and i am so proud of all you do. i am so thankful that God had a different plan for my life than i did because that means i get to share it with you. you are my favorite part of each day. whether its spending the whole day together or talking over dinner, it doesn't really matter. all that matters to me is that you are there. i never really imaged a husband as good as you. neither of us is perfect but at least we can fail at being perfect together. and so far it has been pretty fun. so i look forward to all the birthday to come in our lifetime together and i hope that this one is extra special...because it's today. happy birthday babe.

love you,


(P.S. - Another Happy Birthday shout out to this dear friend!)

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