Friday, May 25

high five for friday

Oh Friday, I have been waiting for you since Monday. With the anticipation of a three day weekend on the brink, I have found myself struggling to stay focused and motivated this week. However, it has been a good week none the less. So I'm linking up again today with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for this weeks High Five for Friday...

So here they are, my top five for this week:

1. Today marks the official hitting of the double digits! That's right...only 99 more days until I become a mrs. I can't believe it is going so fast. But I will say that I'm ready to marry my sweet fiance, and I think he is ready too. Also, we are now under the one month mark for my brothers wedding! So much fun ahead!

2. Last weekend, we celebrated Kayli's bachelorette weekend. It was such a great weekend filled with some of my favorite ladies, just being girls. I love celebrating these moments of life with good friends. Thanks girls and to Louisville for being so good to us!

3. I made it to the gym three times this week. That's a record that hasn't been broken in a long time. It feels good to be back in the gym more often and feeling those good sore muscles. It's the little thing in life, right?!? Well, this is something I've really been lacking and so it's been a nice change.

4. Spotify. Ok, I realize I'm a little late coming to this party. But, is awesome! I love that you can listen to full albums of music without having to pay a cent for it. I love being able to listen to new music and it has definitely been what is helping me through the work days. If you haven't started using it yet and you sit at a desk basically all day, like me, you should definitely get it on your desk top.

5. This weekend. Three day weekend. Pool side. 90 degree weather. Fiance. Grilling. Need I say more?

I hope you all have a blessed Memorial Day weekend. Regardless of where you find yourself, be sure to take some time for the small moments this weekend. Remember to be thankful and celebrate all we have.

And don't forget to wear sunscreen.


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