Tuesday, May 22

Have you heard of this?


Have you heard of it? Neither had I. But I went to my first Piloxing class last night and woah. It's a new work out craze (apparently in L.A.) that combines Pilate's and boxing. It kicked my butt. I worked muscles that I haven't used in years and I was dripping in sweat when I left.

It's such a unique combination of boxing moves and position holds but every now and then it throws in a few ballet positions. I took a ballet class in college and loved it! I also learned how ballerinas are in such awesome shape. It take incredible strength. So to do some ballet in this intense workout was such a nice surprise.

However, I think my favorite thing about the whole experience was how I felt Piloxing represented women. Not that men can't join, but it's definitely created for females. It combines butt kicking boxing that makes you sweat like crazy, along with Pilate's, strength poses, and also the elegance and grace of ballet. Much like women.

As a woman, I believe that we are capable of so much and yet, myself included, we often don't reach down and tap into the abilities that we have. Much like this workout, women can kick butt, women are strong and women are graceful. And when you combine those three together, you get one powerhouse of a workout but also you get a powerhouse woman.

I think one of the greatest tragedies of our world today is the lack of mentoring and uplifting that women can bring to one another. So often are we competing and comparing against one another. Just imagine for a moment if we put all that aside and worked together. Think of the resource that we can be, if we just worked together. As a 20-something, I desire a strong, powerful and graceful women, outside of my family, to take me by the side and say, "Yeah, I've been there...let me walk with you while you're there now." Think of the teaching that could occur and the lessons that we can share with each other.

Now we all have our mistakes to make. There is no replacing trial and error, but if we had someone by our side who has been through a similar life journey that we could discuss, digest and help shape how we look and think about it. Just think of how differently the end results may be. Instead of having a situation that crushes us, it could become a situation that helps make us. Just imagine, will you.

One of my great hopes in this life is that I have the opportunity to be that mentor for someone. To see where they are and say, "Yeah, I've been there and I made it to the other side and you will too." To share from the mistakes that I have made and the many, many more that I will make.

And as a 20-something, I am also so grateful that I am surrounded by lots of powerful, strong, graceful women whom I can call my friends. That we can share in life together and the realness of what it is.

Who knew Piloxing could evoke such thoughts. I just wanted a good workout.

Group shot from this weekends festivities.

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